OXO’s New Manual Drip System, Hot or Cold

by Coffee Kevin on April 18, 2017

This year’s International Housewares Show in Chicago had some exciting news. OXO has introduced a new manual drip coffee brewing system. As usual with OXO, the benefits are in the details. It’s a system, meaning it has attention to aspects of boiling water, of brewing and serving. I couldn’t get them to give me a sample, but I’ll be happy to review it. Based upon a few quick taste samples, it has what it takes. A few features:

OXO Dripper

Attention to balance. OXO has this down. The idea of making sure it’s easy to handle and perform all tasks.


OXO Dripper

Deep ridged filter, to allow air to circulate. Facilitates brewing. The filter bottom is narrow, but flat, leading to efficient, consistent flow during steeping.

OXO Carafe

Double walled glass carafe. Cool outside. Evenly hot inside. Designed high enough to place ice cubes in bottom for instant cold coffee, while retaining all the benefits of Specialty Coffee Association specified hot brewing.

It’s interesting to see OXO moving towards manual gear. It gives me hope that there’s life in new manual methods. While this may be refinement more than reinvention, I can think of no more thoughtful minds than OXO’s folks to apply themselves to getting more from your precious grounds. I’ve requested a review sample and am eager to see how it fares in my own kitchen. Meanwhile, enjoy this conversation I had at OXO’s space at Housewares.


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Cactus Jake April 19, 2017 at 7:10 am

Thanks Kevin, great article! Is that dripper glass or plastic? It looks cool whatever material it is.


Was Rahman May 31, 2017 at 6:20 am

Thanks Kevin for this article.
Sounds like an interesting manual option. Perhaps with all the technology that surrounds us, there are benefits to a slow coffee in the mornings.


Coffee Kevin June 1, 2017 at 12:39 pm

Yes, Was. There are still new manual methods outperforming the vast majority of automatic methods. Amazing isn’t it?



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