The Great Coffee Debate 1st Meeting

Coffee growing, purchasing, certification practices, roasting, packaging, blends-versus-single-origin and preparation methods (this last one particularly interests me), as well as consumer education played out with big coffee industry players over a three-hour period in New York City this past week. The players included Illy’s Andrea Illy, Intelligentsia’s Doug Zell, Blue Bottle Coffee’s James Freeman, Gillies Coffee’s Donald Schoenholt and Bunn’s Karalynn McDermott, and an assortment of food service industry professionals. read more…

Grinding: Coffee Brewing’s Misunderstood Ingredient

Coffee must be ground to be brewed. Grinding breaks the coffee into smaller particles. The smaller the particles, the more oils can be extracted within a set period of time. If two same weight portions of ground coffee are brewed, the finer ground portion will offer more flavor. When coffee is ground, it exposes surface area. The finer the grind, the more surface area is exposed. In this way, grind is simple.

But is it simple? The basics of grinding are simple and straightforward. In reality, grind is a complex subject because read more…

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