Nitro: Coffee as Beer?

Nitro Coffee photo“Have a cold one!” How often do we receive this invitation? I have consumed around two or three beers in my entire lifetime. But, I’d have my eyes closed if I didn’t realize how popular beer has become, and how much it matches coffee’s complexity. My first taste of nitro beer was at last year’s Chicago CoffeeCon. Ipsento Coffee served samples. Although I had lots of coffee including other cold brews, this one had the foamy richness of a beer. It surprised me how creamy it was as well as how refreshing it tasted, all with no cream or added sweetener.

A month later and Fox Business asked me to appear on a Chew on This segment featuring an on-air tasting. Watching that afterwards I realized my mistake. Nitro coffee’s originator Mike McKim, of Cuvee Coffee scolded me. “Should’ve shaken the can more” he critiqued. I admit we were both pensive about shaking a carbonated can on-air, although it would have made the segment livelier – no doubt.

Flashback to Chicago. Tim Taylor and I finally got to meet. I brought along my audio gear to record Tim’s telling of his own nitro product, the same one I’d tasted on tap at CoffeeCon.

Here’s that interview for you now.


The Secret to Finding the Best Blueberries: Jeff Jaeger Interview

20160716_101203What do blueberries have to do with coffee? Well, they’re both fruits and both have complex flavors and require knowing something to find the best. I’ve known Jeff Jaeger for many years as I’ve found his blueberries to be savory season after season. He’s also kind of unusual because it’s all he grows. Not the usual assortment of crops. Just blueberries. I decided it was enough to get me to drag my audio recorder to his stand at the Naperville Farmers Market here in Illinois. Take a listen.





Bunn Trifecta Home Review

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Why I Created CoffeeCon

Coffee can easily produce as complex a beverage as wine, but wine comes to us as a finished product. Chill, open and drink. Coffee does not. Coffee requires some knowledge. It is really a cooking art.

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Bonavita Coffeemaker

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Coffee on Classic TV

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Meth Coffee

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Krups Moka T8

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