Coffee Brewing Secrets

Coffee Brewing Secrets – The DVD
My life is brewing coffee…
I am a consumer, the guy in line who’s spending his hard-earned money for coffee.
I kept getting great coffee in cafes, but I couldn’t match the taste at home, even when I bought their expensive beans. I got an expensive brewer, a grinder… you know what I mean. Then, I started really checking things out. I traveled across the country, visiting the experts whose coffee tasted so good. I can now make coffee that comes out like a rich syrup full of great flavors and aromas. Then, I brought a video crew back to the same experts and put together the first-ever comprehensive DVD brewing guide using every popular method. You’ll learn the basics. You’ll learn tips. You’ll learn enough to simply make a great cup of coffee, or enough to start your own brewer collection. It’s up to you. I put some sample clips below.
Anyone can make cafe quality coffee at home. Good brewing!

DVD $19.95


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